International Flights?

So first I have around 60 hours in the game… I wanted to build a large Domestic Only airport. I build all the necessary items, large runway, large tower, large taxiway, large stands, gate, check-ins, security, baggage claim items, then… boarding desk… When I go to attach a boarding desk to a large plane stand it says I can’t because it’s not in an international zone. Frustrated, I go to the steam community and ask for guidance… low and behold, I immediately get replies, telling me to adjust option for “Realistic International Flights” in the “Gameplay Settings” menu. I excitedly go there and to my surprise the only options there are:

Save settings
(Box checked) Auto Save

Auto Save Interval (min)
(Slider set to 5 min)

Unit System
(Imperial selected from drop down menu)

(Dollar selected from drop down menu)

Clock Setting
(AM/PM selected from drop down menu)

Passenger per flights ratio
(Slider set on 50%)

(Box not checked) Alternative dragging method
(Box not checked) Enable tutorial window to pop-out when

(English selected out of 12 languages)

So where is the “Realistic International Flights” option at???

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would LOVE to have large airplanes on domestic routes.



It is in the in-game settings at the top right. Click on the icon, and then there should be “Realistic International Flights” option there. Hope this helps! :smiley:

EDIT: After you select that option you will have to click on the large stand turn off international flights.


Oh, and for medium stands you can click on them to make them international stands


Thank you both!!! I almost abandoned the game trying to figure that out!

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Just a question, where is your airport?

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