Inside Gatwick - Airport Show

Have any of you seen “Inside Gatwick”? This show can be seen on YouTube in parts, but it really covers a lot of things that pertain to an airport.

The ones I remember are terminals, baggage, aircraft, there was talk about signage, runway maintenance, weather conditions, whatnot. It’s really insightful to see what’s going on in an airport like that.

These are great. More recent NatGeo’s Dubai Airport is very similar, focusing on Emirates but also showing the expansions of the airport and other aspects. (Here I am talking about big terminals again) The problems they have because of the size of the airport are great, Passengers in the weirdest situations, lost throughout the terminal. I know that connections are more of a concern of the airline, but it would be great to have them and some problems associated with them, maybe some requirements from the airlines so they would bring connection flights to the airport (I think someone has already talked about hubs in here, not sure). Really excited but very curious to see a big terminal gameplay soon!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Nice! I’m watching it on one of the screens while coding… :wink:

Sweet!! I hope it gives some helpful stuff to think of!

this may be usefull for lighting if it’s still needed.