Inside Airport advertising

Airports across the globe really heavily on advertising contracts inside their airports. Banners, billboards, displays etc shown to passengers commuting through the airport. I think this could be a great addition to Airport CEO. Basic advertising panels and displays can be added by the user. Advertising contracts can then be signed by the user to bring in revenue with a total passenger requirement or something like that? Or possibly a zone that tracks how many passengers move through it to simulate bilboard exposure. Or the user can choose to advertise the his/her own airport to increase passenger satisfaction or something like that as an alternative. The idea is not refined but I think something like this should be included since it makes up a sizable portion of real world aiport revenue and operation.


Good idea. I like it. Maybe related to the Strategy Manager who could automate or just be the prerequisite for doing such a thing. Base number could be the number of persons entering/leaving the airport each day. Just need an entrance door for the terminals, that will count the visitors.

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I like the idea! I think a new executive position like a CMO (Chief Marketing Office) can handle this issue. If he/she has marketin analyst to do the operational and administrative such will be fantastic.

Advertsiment contracta could be issued and for this kind of contract makes sense has an expiring date. But not so short! The assigment of contract could be done automatically or manually by players.

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