Insane staff pathfinding

My staff are going to insane lengths to avoid using the bathroom on floor -1. Instead of using the bathrooms just above the escalators or by the staff room, they go up to level 0, walk all the way to the end of the terminal, up the jet bridge, and to a bathroom on floor 1 near where the escalators all are. I’ve checked the zones and they have a continuous path, but for some very strange reason, they seem to think that wildly circuitous route is better than just going up 2 escalators.

Passengers get to the bathroom on floor 1 the normal way (though they also ignore the one on floor -1 for some reason).

The other strange thing is that I’ll often get a passenger or two randomly stuck in the staff zone of floor 0 and I will have to draw an international zone just for them to get out. But there is no way for them to get there to begin with.

floor 0
floor 1
floor -1

I’ve also noticed that staff is taking weird ways to reach staff rooms and toilets. I din’t found a solution for it.
But if your airport is standard size, send in a bug report and tell the number here. (in my case, the map size is changed, so it isn’t a usefull example). May the devs have an idea what is going wrong.

By the way, remove unneeded international zones and try to reduce the number of secure zones as much as possible. The performance will be much better. :wink:

Thanks! I did end up submitting a bug report, but didn’t write down the reference number before seeing your reply. (It said it was available in a log file, but not sure where?)

And thanks for the suggestion on zones! I planned a bunch of things out before building, so it created a bunch of them, but will try deleting them. Adding a wall below the staff room on floor 0 did seem to help some, but still saw a lot of unnecessary wandering down there.

I’ve checked our backlog but its a bit difficult to find the issue without the number, do you remember what you titled it?

Sorry about that. Probably something similar to the post name here. When i submitted the report, it said it would be recorded in a log file. Is there a way for me to check that?

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