Inner Terminal Design

Hello fellow CEO’s!
While sketching a new design for my MLF airport, i’m getting bored of my boarding/waiting area design. Rather than sketching yet another design, i’d ask you, the community, this question:
What are the most efficient, beautiful, and realistic inner terminal design, maximizing space with a lot of seat, shops, and others, while staying slim (~8 large squares)?

(And please include some screenshot, thanks!)

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This was a test setup - its very compact.

Shops in the middle, toilet blocks against the baggage bays and dead ends.

Staff rooms in the corners.

This was setup making a length on the wing.

This is a high speed money maker, 7 small stands.

Lots of shops, small room covering.

This was another length setup.

Thank you @jasperwillem!

Current experiment, walk-through shops without obstacles, my last setup had a to long walking maze as result, here the distance to pass the shops is very small, but they are forced to pass them.

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this my realism Setup

With shops and parks and bathrooms in the middle and seating at the in the “window aera”


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