Information Screens Increase Walking Speed

Just had an idea on how to implement a useful reason to have Information Screens dotted throughout your airport:

  • They increase the walking speed for a little while (since they will know where they are going after looking at the map/flight information, or whatever are on those things in real life, much like this conversation - Airport signs!).

Since this give us a reason to put them evenly distributed through out the terminals, it will also add a sense of realism. This would make them serve a “real” purpose (as I think they are currently only being used as “a generic waiting activity”? - Do the “Information Screens” actually do anything? ).


An excellent idea! :smiley: Please suggest this during Feature Voting (soon) and perhaps in the Bug Report webpage as a New Feature.

Very good idea to finally make these signs worth something.
Maybe, they should not speed up the pax but improve their path-finding algorithm, that would be something…

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