Infographic for Players

Here is an updated infographic showing what should be where, and the flow of passengers. I will add baggage and an international infographic soon. Enjoy, and feel free to suggest changes/use where you want:

Baggage guide (Sorry for the odd key):


I keep the Baggage Claim in the Secure Zone, before the Security Exit gate. That way it stops the PAX who should be waiting on Check-in in the Check-in hall, rather than them occupying seats in the Baggage Claim area, and vice versa, where the PAX awaiting their bags go and wait in the Check-In hall (where I usually put more comfortable seats).


Nice. May add the international zone as well.

I have tried something similar here including the usage of remote stands.

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Yeah I know that you did one as that was my inspiration!

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May you can add stuff from there and make it nicer and with your additional stuff.

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Updated diagram added

I’ve started to make my return baggage belts slow to make people have to wait for their baggage, and then added shops and food while there. For my life, I cannot figure out why shops and food success are my nemesis.

New diagram added

Edit: New info added to diagram