Info on in game numbers to make airport run

Is there any resource in the game that tells players information like how many check in desks are needed per sm/med/large stand. Or how many catering or fuel trucks per stand(s) to allow airport to function correctly. Same for staff…
Basically details on numbers of things to make stuff work properly.

Obviously we can over build or hire far too many people, or we can find out the hard way, buying designing the perfect airport, it can help…


I understand your intention very much. I already tried to find out the numbers myself by experimenting.
The numbers depend on your layout. There are no precise all-purpose numbers.

Check in desks isn’t based on stand size anymore (i think). 1 desk for every 75 pax.
I currently work on 1 check-in desk per small stand, 2 per medium stand for 4 per large stand


The focus was making players to figure them out. Self-learning is really enjoyable and can improve game entertainment. However let me help you a bit;

Operation Name / Small / Medium / Large

  • Check in desk / 1 / 2-3 / 4-6 (as dneibig stated, game is set as 1 check in desk per 75 passengers but these numbers of check in desks are close to satisfy)
  • Ramp Agents / 2 / 4 / 8
  • Catering truck / 0 / 1-2 / 2-3
  • De-ice / 1 / 2 / 4 (you can use 1 for large stands but process will be x4 slower)
  • Fuel truck / 1 / 1-2 / 2-3
  • Apron busses / 1 / 1 / 2

Thanks guys. Been playing for ages on and off, and remember reading about it months ago in dev blog, but couldnt remember actual numbers, and want to get my new terminal correct for assigning check in desks to baggage bays without having to add am extra desk or 2 later! Thank you!

Also in the operations → staff tab you can see if you have a shortage or surplus of staff. (Same applies for vehicles) It only shows the current status though, not daily or yearly. A daily report would be useful.

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It’s much closer to 1/2 from all my plays, but if the schedule is set to have small planes landing with just 10-20 minutes frequency, it’s something like 0.5stands+1, but for 30 minutes between flights and above 1/2stands is just enough.

My values are based on per stand. If you have multiple stands then things change. If you have 4 small stands you still need 4 check in desks and 4-8 airport staff

Whilst I understand the enjoyment that some people get out of discovering this for themselves, I find it frustating that it isn’t referenced somewhere to refer back to. If you don’t play the game frequently or take a break from it, there are a lot of things that you suddenly need to remember in order to have a properly functioning airport (I have a word document I’ve created as a “lessons learnt log” that I can refer back to).

Equally, you can waste a lot of money in the game in trying to figure these things out for yourself - nowhere is it documented that small flights don’t need catering or cleaning, but can have baggage and refueling once you build the appropriate facilities; it assumes you realise whether or not services retrospectively apply to your existing infrastructure.


If all these planes are landing at the same time on 4 different runways, then yes, I can imagine that.

Weel, there is a Gamepedia ACEO wiki page but don’t know if that has been recently updated based on the latest features. But that would be a logical place to have this kind of information.


Perhaps I’m too old, but I can remember these golden times, when games provided a manual… :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly speaking: I fully agree, that a management/tycoon game should provide some explanations and key figures about game mechanics. Perhaps not in an ingame-tooltip, as many people (like myself, too) enjoy figuring out these things bythemselves.
But at a certain point (or after a longer break from a complex game) I really enjoy having a document/function/manual, where I can find this… (Civilopedia, my longtime-buddy… :wink:)

As game is in alpha, it’s clear devs have other priorities, but @Olof perhaps that could be a small community project… :thinking:


Even PDF manuals often allow me to discover new things i had no clue about. I think writing a manual and making it avaliable on Steam after the game is finished is a great idea.

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The way I figured it out was to watch the staff & vehicle utilization in the Management Panel > Operations > Employee Job Tasks screen and Vehicle Job Tasks screen.

I’d agree though with the other poster who mentioned that some things should be documented like small commercial planes do not utilize all the services. I spent all the time to research them, buy the vehicles, enable the services and then scratch my head like crazy trying to figure out why in the world they weren’t doing anything.

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