Info Desks Not Staffed

Hey there, I’ve looked all over the forum but can’t seem to find anything relating to this subject.

Whenever I build an Info Desk a red icon that looks like a tie appears above it and no airport staff ever go to work at it despite me having loads of extra staff. Also, I can’t even click on the desk to change the staffing level although I can delete it. Tried the desks in both secure and non-secure zones and have the same issue every time. Everything else in the airport works well. It used to work OK but my last two saves have had this issue. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!


Are you using experimental branch?

Yes, sorry forgot to mention that, I am using the experimental branch.

That’s normal. Currently experimental has bugs. Devs are aware of issue and they will fix it. Although you can report these issues with including your save file. Devs say that more save files are useful for them.

Go to and click “Report Bug”

Many thanks, done.


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