Infinite Build Area

I think we should be able to have an infinite building area. I find the 4 unlock able spaces to be quite small cause I enjoy building large airports and I have no problem with frames and I have a Mac. This would be great if people wanted to make large international airports and stuff like that.

i think you can tweak the world size in the save files

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You can tweak map size as Guusje said. BUT be careful that game may not be capable of handle such large map.

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Wait, really? How?

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At a certain point, if you create a world too large, youi’ll not only have grass but also blue textures as the textures aren’t made for a larger world.


On Windows, open ACEO’s save folder at %User%/AppData/Roaming/Apoapsis Studios/AirportCEO/Saves. Open the save file you wanted to edit using Notepad, then ctrl+f and type in ‘WorldSize’ and click find.

Something like this will appear:
WorldSize [x:700, y:700, z:10]. Edit the X and Y values, and save any changes.

Beware, the larger world size would significantly lowers the game performance and may cause some bugs

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Thank you everyone for the help.

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