Individually and manually rate/define stands from 1 to 5 stars and assign services accordingly

I have on minor problem with the game as it is. I prefer starting small and work my way up. Now when I enable another service for my airport the ranking is transferred globally to all stands. This is fine with 1 and 2 star flights, but as I unlock services needing several different services things get ugly.

Imagine I might have some GA stands which cause no problem at all and say 10 small stands and 6 medium ones. Upon unlocking baggage handling services I am in the strange situation of serving all small stands as well since the airlines will offer 3 stars flights only after a while. Now you might understand, why I do not like having another 10 baggage trains rushing around and creating chaos for 2-5 suitcases delivered.

So…basically I would suggest that each stand’s UI-screen has checkboxes where we can enable and disable services to landed crafts here. Like enabling baggage handling to the medium stands but not for my small CA stands to keep congestion on my service roads and especially in baggage bay low.
Even better would be checking the stars of service we would give the stand like
1 star is always active - just disembarking and embarking
2 stars enabled will allow fuel trucks to refuel the flight
3 stars enabled will allow baggage handling to this stand
4 stars will enable what is needed for that rating
5 stars dito
Checkboxes will be greyed out, if prerequisites globally are not met.
In the flight planner, the stands are listed together with their star rating. The flight planner can assign flights to stands having the correct rating only or lower. This would require the program to spawn flights with differing ratings maybe based on airline satisfaction. The better your services, the more lucrative services are offered or consider overall capacity like seeing there are no 3-star small stands, so it would not offer you such - only matching or lower if you might be under 50% airline satisfaction. I guess, this might solve some problems with congestion and job assigning, if we can tell the program ‘Do this service only here, please’. No more legions of baggage trucks servicing small stands for 2 suitcases when 100 are waiting at a medium stand. Even better, you might really want to have 2 out of 10 small stands offering better services but are now more in control of handling your assets.

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That’s a nice idea.
But I just do not think it’s realistic. In RL the airport concludes contracts with the airlines, which contain certain conditions. E.g. jetway / remote stand. Or even baggage handling.
If an airport then signs a contract with an airline requesting baggage handling, the airport has to ensure this, regardless of the size of the aircraft.

Correct, this is some kind of abstraction here. Although the airport can say: sorry, we have no capabilities for the thing requested and have to look for another airline content with less. The airlines cannot demand things - they wish for something from us. Either we comply and have it or not and out of this the contract is formed. As all airlines seem to behave the same and the only limiting factor currently is ‘have medium stands yes/no’ and all airlines are content with basic services and automatically expanding their payments for us adding service, this is bound to become odd.
We do it the other way around in the game. We offer the services and then the airline will provide the proper flights. But still we should be in charge how many services and more important: where we will offer under these rules. The game causes problems, when many stands have to be services by the same class of entity. I want to cut something off of that. The biggest problem in my book is: we offer a new service - we must offer it everywhere causing problems mid- to long-run.

I like the idea, I don’t think it’s unrealistic. If the contracts have a certain service level, then some stands simply can’t be used for that airline. That’s pretty real.

The current airline contracts have the only meaning that you can accept to handle flights by that airline. Realistic would be to have a guaranteed minimum flights per duration (day/week/month) with certain service levels.

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