Individual Airline Satisfaction

In the flight planner (F key), Airline Satisfaction is shown. What is the advantage of keeping it high, and what do I need to do for it to be high?

At the moment, I’m servicing all the aircraft with food/rubbish/food/baggage/passengers within time limits, and making a lot of money, but airline satisfaction is low for most airlines.

Currently there are 2 small stands, 9 medium and 3 large (if that makes a difference).

The higher it is kept, the more amount of flights an airline may have pre-scheduled. If you notice, currently most of your airlines can schedule up to 15 flights. As their rating increases, so does that number - I believe the max is 50, when at 100%.

To keep it high, I believe, you need to have planes depart with all the passengers who cleared security on the aircraft (if there are passengers not cleared through security, I believe this will not affect the rating). If you have “Always Send Away” enabled, I believe this can degrade the rating, if it is forcing planes to leave before completing the boarding process - based on who is already through security (watching the flight process panel “G” helps).

I could be wrong on the “how to improve” the rating, but I always notice a severely delayed flight, with 100% boarding completed will actually increase the rating, whereas I have seen an “on-time” departure with less than the full boarding procedure completed, and it always degrades my ratings. One would think the time of delay would factor into this, and maybe it will eventually, but I am 99% sure to improve a rating is dependent on how many ground service complete 100%, regardless of the time the game allots them to do so.

I believe that I have it set so that flights auto-hold if they are delayed, but they are not being delayed. They have all their ‘needs’ fulfilled. The ‘G’ panel (spreadsheet!) is very green.

I’m wondering whether 12 airlines competing for only 14 stands may be the cause of their poor satisfaction? They know it’s a good airport, but they cannot find any slots, so their satisfaction has gone down, meaning they offer less flights?

No, I believe it should be the opposite. If you airlines have a positive experience at your airport then their satisfaction will increase and they will want to schedule more flights at your airport. When you first sign a contract with an airline the satisfaction starts at 25% and they will offer you a few flights, if you schedule this flight and then something goes wrong then you rating will drop to a low % rather quickly.

I think in order to help us diagnose your issue it would help if you show us a screenshot of your flight progress monitor screen.

This one?

Yeah that doesn’t help as you should have good airline ratings seeing that. Maybe send a few shots of your airport and you could try letting the game run and see if the satisfactions increase over time.

At the same time as the individual airlines themselves having such low satisfation, the overall rating is this. (it’s very similar for the small aircraft). It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I’ll let it run unattended and see what happens.

So your airline satisfaction rating overall is good, you only have 2 yellow and lower areas you can improve easily. The first one is for the quality of the objects the aircraft interact with so the runway and stands if you have concrete ones then this rating should improve. The second is the cost of your turnaround consumables so aviation fuel, catering meals, de-icing etc so lowering the cost that you charge airlines for this will improve this rating but be careful not reduce it too much that you incur a loss on these services.

Improving these might also help your individual airline ratings.

Yes the overall satisfaction (the vertical tower screenshot) is very good, but it doesn’t seem to relate at all to the individual airline satisfaction in the planner (F) screen does it?

I am guessing that the individual airline satisfaction is to do with the number of flights that are being scheduled, rather than the ‘quality of service’.

In terms of the airlines I have contracts with:

6 are 2 star
2 are 3 star
4 are 4 star

My aircraft stand proportion is:

2 small
9 medium
3 large


6 airlines are competing for 2 small stands
All 14 are competing for the 9 medium stands
4 are competing for the 3 large stands

The 4 airlines that are less than 10% satisfied, are all 4 star.

I’m trying a test now where I cancel contracts with some of the 2 star airlines. This will make more medium stand slots available for the 3 and 4 star airlines.

By observation, I am fairly convinced now about what is going on.

  • If an airline’s ‘active flights’ line is red, it’s indicating that you have flights scheduled up to the maximum it is prepared to offer you. I’ve only seen it red when the offered and scheduled numbers are identical.
  • If the active flights line is red, and the offered flights is NOT 0, then there is the opportunity to change the flights that are scheduled for that airline. They are often for bigger/better aircraft, but there are no slots
  • The auto planner looks as though it is using the ‘airline satisfaction’ rating to rank which airline is going to get slots first. The planner appears to be disregarding the ‘star’ rating of the airline.
  • The smaller star rated airlines operate on shorter routes, needing shorter time slots. Being lower rated, they have less complex demands for fuel, catering, cleaning. So their satisfaction is less likely to drop.
  • When satisfaction by an airline does drop, they offer less slots for their bigger aircraft that belong to that airline.

So if you have:

  • an issue where the more complex demands of the larger aircraft go wrong (passport, cleaning, catering, increased fuel, larger baggage handling vehicles) and satisfaction drops too low
  • low star airlines with high satisfaction wanting to offer more flights for larger aircraft
  • ‘too many’ low star contracts

then the autoplanner

  • gives the slots to the low star airlines (because of their satisfaction ratings)
  • cannot find slots for the higher star airlines due to the number of slots already allocated and the increased time (and regularity i.e. number of consecutive days) of the high star flights
  • does not have any large jet flights to schedule because the high star airlines has stopped offering them

The high star airlines are then stuck in a ‘doom loop’ of satisfaction not able to go up because they don’t offer the type of aircraft that would drive that satisfaction upwards, and you don’t have much chance to improve that satisfaction because the airline is lower in the ‘pecking order’ for smaller aircraft slots.

I cancelled the contract of 2 of the 2-star airlines.

The 4-star airlines WERE:

0%, 2%, 1%, 0%

Now after running for a few days they ARE:

1%, 100%, 7%, 3%

I think it’s not a coincidence that the 100% is for an airline with a fleet of 4 medium and 1 large jets (4:1)

1% is 3:1
7% is 1:2
3% is 4:1

For the 3 large stands, there are 0 flights scheduled for the next week. Still some improvement to make!

This illustrates the improvements. I’m going to run again without cancelling contracts to see the difference. There is some randomness though between runs.

I’ve never looked at how the auto planner assigns flights tbh and your investigations are interesting.

The turnaround time are not dependent on how far the aircraft travel, it is dependent on aircraft size for small aircraft the turnaround time is 3 hours, for medium it’s 4 and for large it’s 5. This is irrelevant of the number of passengers on the flight and how far the aircraft have traveled. The aircraft in each category has been set by the devs.

The airlines should offer you a variety of flights from different destinations based on how far the aircraft can travel and a variety of aircraft depending on which aircraft are in the airline’s fleet.

If you have large stands and contracts with airlines that fly large planes then they should offer you ‘large’ flights.

I have never seen this situation and I think it’s because I start with the airlines that offer small flights and only accept these and then work up and have enough stands to cater to all the airlines that I have contracts with.

I beg to differ. Look at this screenshot.

Both are medium stands. Stand 19 Flight FA257 operated by Forrest Air is an E190 aircraft with a turnaround time of 4 hours 45 minutes. It’s a remote stand.

Stand 20 is not a remote stand. Flight FA415 operated bu Forrest Air is also an E190 aircraft. Turnaround time is 4 hours.

I guess we are both ‘right’. I was confusing flight time with turnaround time. I realise now that the extra turnaround time is for remote stands.

Investigations continue. Here are the satisfaction ratings ending on the same date and time, but this time no contracts were cancelled at the test start time. The 4-off, 4-star airlines ratings have hardly move, though again the airline with a fleet that has 4 medium jets, and 1 large jet (OKAir) has improved the most.

I think this supports my assertion that they are not being allocated any medium stand slots. They are certainly, with such a low satisfaction rating, not offering ANY arrivals for the large stands.

I cannot decide whether my next test should be to dedicate medium stands to the 4-star airlines, to ensure they have more slots available for scheduling, or cancel more 2-star contracts.

In my last airport I started assigning Stands from the first contract signing.

It took a while to level up, but now it seems to be working.

This way every airline is guaranteed flights.

Still dont like the “black box” behind it. The player should get feedback what can be done to fix a standing.

Olympus was signed the most recent.

I did contract airlines really slowly this time around, so, I only added a new airline, if I could assign 3 stands from the start.

Did you get a warning about the cost? I did not test that recently.

If the flight is on a remote stand then 45 minutes is added onto the turnaround time so for a small stand 3 hours 45 mins, for a medium 4 hours 45 mins and for a large 5 hours and 45 mins in order to cope with the added transfer process. I omitted this from my previous reply as by default stands aren’t remote.

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*** have to remake this post when awake :wink: ***

No, but this save is on the easiest settings. Perhaps that’s significant?

Thanks for your feedback folks.

In the end, I decided to cancel 2 more 2-star contracts, 4 in total. The end result was pretty much the same as when I cancelled only 2 2-star contracts. 3 of the 4 4-star airlines were still less than 10% satisfaction rating.

I thought about it some more. I still had 10 airlines capable of providing flights for 9 medium stands. Each stand could offer no more than 5 flights per day, 35 per week, 315 in total. 10 airlines could provide 500 flights.

  • So then I began to manually schedule flights myself, this time favouring the 4-star airlines.
  • I cancelled 1 of the 4-star contracts.
  • I assigned 6 medium stands to the 4-star airlines.
  • I assigned other medium stands to 3-star airlines.
  • I left 1 medium stand ‘free’ for any airline.
  • I left the autoplanner on for the 3 large stands.
  • I changed one of the 3-star contracts so that it offered medium and large aircraft instead of small and medium.
  • After a week, I switched the autoplanner back on for all stands, but left stands dedicated to specific airlines.
  • Then I let the game run for another week.

These are the very pleasing results.


My conclusions are this:

  1. The autoplanner favours airlines with high existing satisfaction ratings, and appears to ignore their star rating. The devs ought to consider a new prioritisation weighting. If I was planning the stand slots, I’d always want to favour the airlines who would earn me the most revenue.
  2. If the active flights line is red, this means that the total number of flights that could be scheduled are not being scheduled. It it is misleading. If for example it is red and says 15/15, this DOES NOT MEAN that 15 slots have been scheduled. (I realised this by inspecting the planner for the whole week)
  3. If there are ‘too many’ contracts versus the slots available, this can cause a ‘doom loop’ for the higher rated airlines so their satisfaction rating does not recover.
  4. I need to intervene and override the autoplanner if there is an incident that causes the higher rated airlines satisfaction to plummet.
  5. I also could perhaps (not yet proven) avoid the doom loop by reserving stands for specific airlines.
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