increase the UI

Is there a way to increase the UI? The fonts are too small and I can not read the menus.


Developers will work on them as a new patch.


Which branch are you on? We’ve increased a few of the font sizes on the experimental branch.

Alpha 25.4.4 - resolution 1680 x 1050

You could implement options to scale the font size. So everyone can choose the best size for the text. For me it’s still very small, it’s horrible to play like that.

Options > Grafics > Ui escale 0.5 or 0.7 or 1.0.

There are many players with the same problem.

Yup, it’s definitely an issue, and something as I’ve mentioned elsewhere is a feature that we tend to include for the new UI!


Wow, great news. Thank you for your support.

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That is great news. Airport CEO is the only program on the computer that I need reading glasses to use. I’m not that old! :slight_smile:


The UI is being worked on as we speak!
So hopefully all problems on this subject will soon be something of the past :slight_smile: