In-Terminal Tranportation

I was wondering what if there’s a large space in the middle of the airport where I want to build a terminal which is surrounded by taxiways or the distance from a terminal to a terminal is far? It’s a fact that the passengers could walk that far. However, the passengers couldn’t take a short period of time to walk that far and cross every service road including runway and taxiway I’m sure everyone would say that the plane would have already departed before the passengers arrive at the boarding gate. Also, passengers can’t walk through taxiways and runways. I think there should be transports within the airport.

Here are some of the In-Terminal transports I could think of:

Bus - They can travel through service road (or other roads if available). They may worsen traffic along the service road but much better than a bunch of people blocking the service road.

Underground transit - They are fast and won’t worsen traffic as it is underground.

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Hey DaWolf, Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Good suggestions, and yes, means of transportation for your passengers has been discussed and will no doubt be introduced somewhere in the future.
At this time there are so many ideas… Stick around, because the developers plan on letting the community help decide with them what features to focus on :slight_smile:

Yes, they can walk thru taxiways. And yes, they make it on time for the flight.

another one is the travelator things that you see at airports that pull you along.

i love this game already im on about my 6th version already

They have them but disabled them a while back.

AAA right i look forward to seeing them again the future.

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