In ACEO Tweaks, flights keep disappearing from the flight planner

There’s this incredibly annoying bug i have where my flight planner keeps disappearing flights. I schedule my flight, i click confirm, and it disappears. Sometimes, it doesn’t disappear immediately, but it vanishes into thin air when i:

  1. Close the flight planner and re-open it.
  2. Change the day on the flight planner.
  3. Schedule a different flight.
  4. Reject offered flights from an airline.
    As i’ve stated before, this is a highly annoying bug, and i would like it fixed posthaste.
    Here is an image of a missing flight:

    I have the option that changes flight lengths disabled.

Well, speak of the devil and he will come, because as soon as i posted this, ALL of my scheduled flights disappeared from the planner.

There were a good 20-odd flights on tuesday, and now there are no flights. None. Nada. Zilch. I am rendered a penguin among airports.

I have the same problem, anyone can solve it?

what is the tweaks version you are using?
you can find that information at the top in the middle…

The tweaks version I have is