Improvements Airport CEO

Hello community,

I’ve been playing the game for about a year. For me, it’s very successful. I also like the 2D mode with the details. The game has a lot of potential to give more depth for more game experience.
Compared to Sim Airport i like that its more serious and detailed.

Question from my side ( iam not a programmer :)):
i read a lot about Modding here in the Forum.
Further developments will not including anymore in the game i saw as statement from the developers. Its possible to develop the game via Modding?

All the basics are in the game. As End User i would pay for futher updates which can provide in packages. From my point of view its better to improve the game instead of thinking make it in 3D etc…

Example: to give the game more user experience :slight_smile:

Crew simulation: Including briefing before departure. (i.e. there is a room which is set up for crew (analog to staff room) .
Crew meets there before departure for briefing. (Depending on the size of the aircraft, the crew varies in number. Outfit according to the airline :slight_smile: )

Pax: add childs, add wheelchair users

cargo: including charge dilivery by trucks

Thanks a lot!!


The game isn’t really designed for code based modding. Currently we use the UMod Framework to inject custom code on top of the original code.

And we have to convince the devs to support the mod loader as the UMF isn’t a good long-term solution. See The AirportCEO Mod Loader - What, Why, and How

If we ever get to the point to implement complete new features such as crews, families or cargo handling facilities is hard to say.

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