Improved mouse panning control

Feature request title:
Improved mouse panning control

Currently, panning around the airport using the mouse, uses some form of accellerated cursor movement, in that if you move the mouse 1cm, the world will continue to move in that direction, speeding up. To stop it, you have to move the opposite direction 1cm. Meanwhile, there is no indication of this.

There are two options here:
My preferred options: When you initiate mouse panning, the object you are above, remains with your mouse cursor so to speak, so if you move 5cm down, the world moves the equivalent distance at the same speed and follows what would be your mouse cursor, pretty basic control that exists in almost every top down game, aside from a few where they try to be clever.

Second, not preferred, would be to add a cursor which starts off as a circle and as you drag, extends a line away from the circle so you can quickly and easily move back to centre and stop any world movement. However, accelerated movement (as it currently is) can be very difficult to keep in check and frustrating.

Why it should be implemented:
Basic controls of the game should be intuitive, the current mouse panning is far from it.

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