Improved geometric design for Runway Exits

Feature request title:
Improved geometric design for Runway Exits

Modified geometric design for existing Runway Exits within their current footprint for compatibility, plus several variations to allow more flexibility in how to connect runway exits to the taxiway system.

Why it should be implemented:
The angled Runway Exits, as currently implemented, are narrower than the straight taxiways they connect to, which looks weird. (In a Q&A, the devs said they had trouble making the angled Runway Exits look as good as they do currently, so I’m providing specific geometric designs.) Also, they still require an aircraft to make a full 90° degree turn in total, rather than a 45° S-bend from a runway onto a parallel taxiway, which is common in real airports.

Images, references or additional content:
Runway Exits improved and expanded geometric designs (SVG)
(original DXF drawing available upon request)

Like this idea, but just to add another piece if i may, would be great to see markings on runway for where generally certain size aircraft can manage safely to exit, to help position “rapid exit” points for where they can save time and turn off without passing the exit and doing a 180 turn, or continuing slowly to the next exit or runway end.

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@Olof PLEASE!!!

I love it @vtk and I agree to @craigwats

Yes @craigwats I agree that would be very helpful

Could these also be applied to taxiways?

@WSSS01 I’m pretty sure the devs have said they don’t want to do diagonal taxiways, saying that would be in conflict with the rest of the ACEO construction style. Anyway, that’s beyond the scope of this item / feature suggestion.

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