Improved control of plane scheduling


Wondering if it would be possible to improve the amount of scheduling we can to planes. So as well being able to schedule the landing time and what stand it will occupy be able to specify what runway the plane will land on and then take off from. Just to give that bit more control over scheduling.

Also the ability to modify flight schedules on the day, so a plane that was scheduled on stand 1 but there is already a plane on this stand due to a delay being able to swap it to an empty stand so reducing further flight delays.

If control over what runways planes use became a feature being able to alter this like I have suggested with stands would also be helpful.

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Hi @dom8852 and welcome to the forums!

I personally think that specifying a landing/takeoff runway breaks the level of realism to a degree. I like the idea of being able to design my airport to be efficient irrespective of which runway and direction and aircraft lands. I hope eventually once weather is more properly implemented, runway directions will change with wind etc. Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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I have to disagree with you. Wind direction is one of the variables to assign runways and runway directions. Other variables are (for example) noise disturbance and distance from gate to runway. At the moment the AI seems to assign a runway at random. The better option is to assign a Runway to a stand with the possibility to manually change it. In my opinion the runway direction should depend on the wind direction.

In some weather condition it could be necessary to close some (or all) Runways to avoid incidents. imho this should be an manual action so the player has to consider the risks (and consequences) against a higher revenue.

While I understand how what you’re saying happens in reality (I was literally just delayed today because winds forced one runway out of action at my hometown airport and we were 15 in the queue for takeoff), but I think in a practical ACEO gameplay sense, it’s way to micromanagement-y.

I agree that runway should depend on the wind direction absolutely, but I think that makes more sense to me as an automatic game mechanic rather than the CEO’s choice. Maybe in extreme cases like you mentioned, but I think with things like wind direction that should be more autonomous.

This might all change once pathfinding is improved etc. I.e. there might be more logic to the computers assignment of runways. I understand you want more control but I don’t think that assigning a specific landing/departure runway is realistic and that is important to me.

Due to long taxiing in the game, wind changes should only occur overnight when no planes will be on the ground. That should stop what was happening before where the runway would flip and planes would get confused on the taxiways.

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