Improved check in desks

This idea includes two suggestions.

Suggestion 1:
Move the medium check in desk to the medium aircraft R&D project, as where it is now (Baggage R&D) makes it hard to find, and unlock.

Suggestion 2:
This is larger: have the conveyor belts removed from the medium check in desk. Have an upgrade (yellow arrow, like stands) unlockable by “Baggage Handling” that would allow adding conveyors to both the small and large check in desks.

:smile: end of suggestion. Thank you. Comments:


You would spend about 20 hours upgrading all your check in desks

Or 8 days researching everything.

They could be added as a separate item, like stands… When you place stands the don’t default to grass, you have the option to place the asphalt from the begining.

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