Importants bugs in game 35.3-7 alpha version experimental

Hello everyone!

Assuming that the version in which I play is still in the experimental phase, I want to report to you from here (because it is a bug that requires a bit of explanation) that in the current version 35.3.7, when wanting to continue with my project, the workers instead walking, they froze and did not work again.

In addition, I report that in some walls the doors do not load correctly or do their function normally.

I take advantage of the letter to also report another important incident:

The other day I was building an international terminal, when I want to apply the corresponding zone, at first with the ground floor it responds perfectly, but when applying the zone on the first floor and underground, several zone labels appeared erroneously.

Instead of saying the same area “International 1” on the floors, several labels appear saying “International 2”, “International 3” and so on.

When I remove the first floor and subfloor area, it is supposed to return to normal with the “International 1” tag on the ground floor, but the other tags continue to appear on the ground floor.

Anyway, I look forward to news of bug fixes.

I attach pictures and send a big hug to everyone!

This is an issue that others have encountered.

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I too am in the middle of a build, and found these bugs troublesome, but able to work around. I’ve found that a save a reload will fix the many International Zone labels problems.I also think placing the entry and exit custom points help fix this, as it completely solidifies it as a cohesive international area, with proper entrances and exits (my theory is that it forces the game to try to unify everything it can; same goes for secure zones).

I found with the latest branch that doors no longer create the opening … I have to delete the wall portion and place the door for it to function now. If I place a door in the wall it does not create the opening and employee can’t get to their workplace.

I guess this will be fixed with the next patch. Due to a holiday this might won’t be today.

ya … they seem to be really fast on fixing bugs and it is much appreciated … great work guys :+1:

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The door and window wall issue will be patched in an hour or so, together with a series of different zone label fixes. We’re fixing these as we go since there are hundreds of different configurations that zones can be set up in which means that we need to reproduce each specific case to make sure that the areas are validated correctly. The fixes today may or may not resolve your specific case, if it does not then I urge you to come back to this topic so we can discuss it further and see exactly what it is you are doing.


Hello, Olof!

Thanks to the latest update, overlapping terminal names no longer happen. Thank you very much to everyone who writes game code!


Is this a bug or what? Or maybe I don’t really know how to solve this.

It happens that the international terminal asks me to exit the passport control posts, but I do not know where I should place those exits. I would like advice please to be able to have in green where it is seen in red, according to the following screenshot:

In the capture, I wrote down where the outputs I created are located, but it doesn’t change the red button to green.

Anyway, I wait for answers.

PS: My airport is still under construction, at least there is little to complete! :laughing:

Important last minute question! How can I place the baggage claim area in the International Zone layer? Passengers at the international terminal will need to pick up their bags, but the game tells me that it should not be placed in a safe area … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi OctavioA

You need to redesign a little bit.
From an international zone you need also passport control to exit back to a normal security zone. From there you can use the security exits to leave to a non secure area.
Your security exits are placed wrong at the moment.

Mmmm … Can you give me a graphic idea of what you suggest I do? Thank you!

Passport checks only transition the zone from secure non-international (domestic) zone to secure international zone, and from secure international zone to secure non-international (domestic) zone.

The correct way would be:
International zone (blue/red area) ||Passport Check|| Secure zone (red area) ||Security Exit|| General/Non-secure zone (no colors)


I can hardly imagine what you say. Can you draw me an example?

Besides, my idea is that passengers check in on the ground floor, then they go up to the first floor to do security and automatic boarding, and then the passengers who arrive, collect their luggage on the ground floor and leave the airport.


This is how I built my exit.

Notice that there’s a passport check to exit from the international zone (blue/red) to the secure non-international zone (just red stripes), then a security exit on the end for people to actually leave.

The same also applies for departure. Security checkpoint first (from general area) to secure zone (red striped area), then a passport check to transition people from the red striped area to the blue and red striped area (the international zone).


I can do this?

In the ground floor the baggage claim and the check in desks (automatic and manual).


I have an issue with workers getting stuck and not being able to move and the constant notifications about them not being able to move gets annoying.


Yeah I have a bunch of them underground stuck. They were left there behind by their mates when they finished building the basement I guess. The notifications are pretty annoying though!

I don’t want to comment on your layout, mainly cause I want to leave it open. However, the exit is already correct, but the entry into the jetway is wrong. Security checkpoints only transitions into the red zone, not the blue/red zone. Only after the pax are inside the red zone, can they pass passport checkpoint into the blue/red zone.

Think of it as a 3-layer structure. Layer 1 = general (no security), layer 2 = secure zone, layer 3 = secure + international zone.You can’t jump from Layer 1 to Layer 3 directly nor can you go from Layer 3 to Layer 1 directly. You need to transition between each layers.

  • Layer 1 to Layer 2 through security checkpoint
  • Layer 2 to Layer 3 through passport check
  • Layer 3 to Layer 2 through passport checks
  • Layer 2 to Layer 1 through security exit.

I have them stuck all over the place. I remember they could move everywhere. Why the change in 35.3.8?

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