Implement new things

when are you guys going to implement some new stuff? feel like my airports are all the same right now and that i not want to build new ones

Hey there bacobrian,

At the moment they are working on a User interface overhaul and several performance improvements.

The idea is that after this is done, the community will have some say in what features will be developed next

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IMHO, game-killing bugs take priority over shiny, new toys. Right now, devs are working on performance enhancements, such as pathfinding. I agree, in that I’m building the same thing over and over. I, too, may wait a few updates before my next playthrough.

it dont have to be implement big things. i mean u can do little things like more collor floors/other walls or vending machine,. i know bug fixing is important, but i not experiance many bugs right now and performance is much better then before.

As @pderuiter said, main priority right now is performance and then UI. We’re well on our way to complete the performance sprint and will then get cracking on the UI sprint. We have several new things planned for when these two are completed, and in between performance and UI we will probably push in a few new things but the general rule is that the more stable the core of the game is the faster we’ll be able to implement new stuff down the road.


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