Immersion-breaking taxi priority

It seems that planes taxiing to depart have a massive priority over those arriving, so much so that arriving planes will wait at the end of the runway for a plane being pushed back even though they have plenty of time to taxi to their stands. In this screenshot, the plane circled in green is departing and in the process of push-back. The two planes in red have been waiting since they landed, even though they have plenty of time to taxi to their stands and not interfere with the departing plane. In the meantime, the plane in orange has just landed and will actually end up clipping through the other waiting plane so they end up stacked on top of each other, breaking all immersion.

This is definitely a problem… It gets really annoying in big complex taxiway layouts. And it could be solved somewhat easily with hold lines.

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Yes, a common issue when the airport gets too big.
Try to prevent arrivals and departures to use the same taxiway in opposite directions. This cleans the runway. But then you still have planes waiting somewhere else until another one crosses an intersection. This cannot be solved until we get holding points or a better AI.

Often also pushbacks get very delayed as already taxiing planes have priority. On busy routes I do a little bend. That allows the plane to push back and get quicker in the line (also the next plane for that stand can land)

Some players made a full one-way system which seems to work stable. Exaples can be found at Community content - Apog Labs Forum


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