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Hi, Ive had Airport CEO installed for ages on my iMac. Every now and then i would fire ACEO up and have a play and see what was new. Since the very beginning ACEO would set my fans going and after a while it just got annoying so never really played too long. I just assumed as the game was in development that the problem would eventually be addressed but years later and i fire up ACEO after seeing it reach beta and the problem persists!

I don’t even get past the main menu and the fans are going. My Mac is no slouch, 4.2 i7, 24GBRAM, 8GB VRAM, SSD but only ACEO gets my fans going. Not even transcoding HD video gets the fans going so Im basically registering my experience here to see if any other Mac users particularly AMD, iMac users are experiencing the same?

As soon as I quit ACEO the fans stop.

Welcome to the forums and yes, I generally have the fans going too. Some releases see them spinning faster than others. Similar spec machine as well. I usually have music playing so don’t hear them that much, but I am aware they are there.

It’s not unique to ACEO. Factorio can spin them up too.

But should it be happening on the main menu before I even start an airport? I just find it off putting as nothing else causes the fans to spin up. Anything that had in the past was later found to be a bug so when fans spin up I (wrongly or rightly) assume its a bug or not optimised.

Yeah, I’ve noted when bugs get fixed it is reduced as well. As for the main menu, I’m not totally surprised. All of the contrails are particle effects that Unity provides, so is quite a heavy workload.

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Thanks Rubble. Just find it odd that i can run X-plane on near full settings with GBs and GBs of scenery files and not have the fans going but a ‘2D’ airport simulator makes a bit of a racket. It is however not as bad as it used to be.

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Welcome to the forum! Same here and always has been the case on a MacBook Pro 15", don’t know if all Windows users have the same issue or if their system is strong enough on CPU and memory to keep the ‘rocket(s)’ away? Different games use different engines and even the same engine can be used in many different ways. Also games can have a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in the back-end needed to operate the game properly which doesn’t matter if a game is 3D or 2D. FYI ACEO uses fully shaped 3D models as the basis for the 2D models in game.

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Since I have a couple of Mac users here do you also find that pressing Command+Q to quit just causes the whole app to freeze and you end up force quitting? Only to find Steam in the background is perpetuating the excessive fan noise. Only when you quit steam do the fans go back to normal.

Im no developer at all but I just get a feeling that ACEO is not very well optimised on MacOS. While its still being developed that is to be expected of course but it would be nice to hear from a developer that hopefully in the future things will be more refined/optimised. I have no problems with frame rates or anything, even running in 5k at max settings its just the fans are wailing even on the lowest settings and resolutions before I even start an airport and keyboard commands to quit just freeze everything up.

Hitting Cmd+Q in game does result in a crash. I get the error report etc. I don’t have to force quit. Egressing from the main menu option though does provide a clean exit.

ACEO is written mostly in a variant of C which is quite universal. The game engine Unity is the main entity responsible for the code compilation into the executable. You can say optimisation can happen everywhere, including the OS.

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