Idle Contractor Notification and Paint Brush Tool

I decided to group my suggestions into one post.

Idle Contractor Notification - Boy, I lost so much money because i forgot to dismiss contractors. Im sure it happened to you too, you call 40 people to do a big renovation and then you forget that they are still on site draining your precious money. A simple notification like “Your contractors have been idling for a long time” or something would be great.

Paint Tool - I think a simple tool for recoloring would be great for customizing seats etc. You simply select a colour then click on a seat to recolour it. Would be much faster than having to right click on every single one to choose the colour. And while I’m at it, perhaps being able to choose a default colour for seats wouldnt hurt too.

What do you think? Would these features be helpful, or perhaps they are already somewhat in the game but I was just blind?

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Try right clicking an object and choose “paint tool”.

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That’s already possible, just looks like it’s not working for any object of a group yet which seems to be a bug.

For example, right click onto the group of seatings in the built menu, then you can select a default color for the new build seatings. But only the big seatings will be colored, the small ones don’t get the choosen color. That’s the bug, I was talking about.

Works for other objects like plants, sofas, chairs, tables, … too.


He’s already talking about that in his post. :wink: He like’s to get a tool to make it easier for mass-recoloring. It’s a pity to do it for any object again and again if you have large amounts of objects you want to recolor.


Ah, yes, i am not awake yet it seems :smiley:


Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks!

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