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hey there im aaron.
i play games like mad games tycoon, sim airport, prison architect, e.t.c.
there are alot of games out there that claim to be stable but i have found that for me( might be different for others) but the game always gets slow and i found out for me its not so much the actual game but when the game is running every action you make gets recorded in either a save file or some sort of appdata folder. and after a while it can get really clogged and thats my main concern. this game will be the 20th century best building game (other than cities skylines) by its stability and i may suggest maybe some sort of coding so that the game doesn’t clog its self up by making the logs simpler so instead of having it to the point where it logs for example how much i have earned when i earned it and having it recorded or example #2 worker 01 place object 83 at 23.987 - 87.63 have it so it just says object 83 is at 23.987 - 87.63 but that sort of thing (bear in mind im not some coding geek lol) but yeah. please not hate on here im only 19 and pretty stupid when it comes to games and everything( im just a youth worker).
thx msg if you need more

Hi there Aaron, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

This sounds like a question only the developers can answer, so i’ll leave that to them, but the game data is stored in a format called json. It is humanly readable (sort of).

If every action you make doesn’t get recorded then when you save the game you lose some of the data… They’ve done a few dev logs on making the serialisation both stable but also fast.

On a tech note, I think you’re finding correlation where there isn’t any. It just so happens that as you add more objects the game gets slower and the logs get larger. It’s more likely to be the requirement to simulate large amounts of objects than it is to store them in a file that would cause an issue like this. I think…

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and before someone else hops on it
we’re in the 21st century buddy


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Not sure I really understand your point here. Basically they way it works is that the game continuously stores all kinds of data in real time in the RAM (via variables such as int, string, bools, arrays, lists etc). When you click save, this information gets serialized (basically converted) into a text file, where we use JSON format. When you quit the game, the memory that the game has allocated in the RAM is handed back to the system and flagged as available, meaning it will not be accessible anymore and can be used by other programs.

When you start the game again and load your save, the information stored in the text file (JSON) gets read into the game to allow you to continue at the exact same moment.

Does that answer your question?


That’s pretty informative, cheers Fredrik

yeah i sorta feel really dumb lol i think ill just leave making the game stable to you guys (the experts) and just stick to putting in new ideas for features lol

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