[Ideas/Discussion] Cargo DLC

So since this game is still receiving development and modding community is doing their best, what do you people think about seeing a Cargo DLC?


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Let’s say, more cargo airlines with proper planes are coming.
Now only a better system is needed. With the current Tweaks version, cargo planes just stay around snd wait for their departure slot.


A Cargo DLC for Airport CEO would be fantastic, offering more depth and opportunities for players. Great idea!

What do we need except the planes?
Everyone is asking for cargo, but no one explains their requirements or expectations for such a big enhancement.

When I think about cargo in ACEO, following topics come up:

  • cargo building / terminal
  • external deliveries
  • cargo ULD (different types)
  • cargo baggage bays (if not just a single building such as catering depot)
  • large planes using 2 ULT loader and 2 baggage carts
  • not able to use jetway stands / may a separate cargo stand type for each size?
  • cost benefits for using nighttime-slots
  • special events/cargo requests similar to an ambulance emergency requesting a XXL truck to pick up something and drive out the map

And out of that topics, the complexity of that new feature gets visible


Thank you for that post. It’s one of the things I’ve also been thinking about how we can add Cargo and what does it bring. I think you have fleshed out some details there indeed.

I also hope to see freight airlines. I had just submitted a recommendation for this by game built-in bug report. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

with tweaks, allready a lot of Cargo Aircrafts are there :slight_smile:

I have feuture plans along these lines… The picture in my mind is quite detailed, but it won’t be until implementing it that I find out what works and what doesn’t… Like with new aircraft, I’m weary to get hopes up in case some things don’t work out…

Also this is all hypothetical until I find real time to work on tweaks :confused:

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Would things (such as the things andyc mentioned be possible with tweaks in the future (cargo terminals, eg.)

This is the best tutorial I could find about how air cargo works:

Very basically: Air Cargo terminal is a black box that turns regular boxes into ULDs. When you open up this black box you get into customs, security checks, storage, packing/depacking processes.

And this one for footage of how inside of thjis black box look like:

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