Idea: Have check-in desks be assigned to and match airline colors

Took a break from doing some airlines. It would be a cool concept to be able to have check-in desks match up and be assigned to certain airlines like:


I agree, the airport I work at has check-in desks assigned to certain airlines. (mond you some passengers still get into the wrong queues…


I like this idea, good mockup too :slight_smile:


Actually it can be done by baggage system. When you conect specific gates and specific check in desks to specific baggage bay.


Absolutely! Every airport I have traveled through has check-in desks assigned to individual airlines with the airline’s logo/livery above it. This would be a great addition!

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I know technically it can be done with the game. But, my post & idea was more about the visual appeal of seeing the airline signage matching up with the check-in desk (without clicking on it and seeing what flight it is currently checking in.)

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One of the things I am really looking forward to in the game will be designing the interior of different areas of the terminal for specific airlines. Currently it is tough to do without much options for custom signage/decorations. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 did a cool feature like this for custom kiosks. You were able to upload an image when you placed the kiosk and it would display whatever you wanted it to – which was sweet.



I want to expand on this idea:

in the real world, airlines rent the ticket desks and offices. They put THEIR staff on the ground, man the ticket desks as well as the boarding gates.

I generally love the contract system that Airport CEO introduces for many tasks, it would be cool to see this expanded to the airlines in this way.

In terms of implementation I suggest the following:

  • limit the system as it is now for charter flights, the irregular flights that you have to block one by one.
  • implement a new system for regular, scheduled flights:
  1. Build offices, check-in counters, boarding gates
  2. Accept a contract for reoccurring, daily flights (PLEASE: LONG term contracts!)
  3. Assign a requested number of offices, check-in counters and (maybe) gates to the airline
  4. Block the flights in the timetable.

Don’t worry about the staff: the airline will send the required staff over to ensure smooth operation.


this is workaround but not how stuff works in real life… so it would be cool to simulate it properly.

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