IATA or ICAO codes?

I though there was but couldn’t find any topic.

These are 2 different coding systems for airports. ACEO uses IATA (3 letters) and I was wondering is it possible to display ICAO (4 letter) code or maybe both codes in game.
Personally I can recognize roughly where airport is located by ICAO codes.

I would prefer ICAO over IATA


IATA code was selected as that is the more common system used from a passenger perspective (luggage tags, boarding cards, flight booking). ICAO is more used with ATC and pilots.


@Fredrik is there a way to make it choosable by player? A simple option on settings menu?

I could understand Fredrik’s decision to go with IATA, however if you create an airport only focused on General Aviation, this would not make sense as these small airfields do not have IATA codes (f.e. Schwabisch Hall Airport, EDTY). Though it is just a minor thingy.


So… Any last thoughts?

I prefer ICAO

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Why not a combination of both :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello all! I’d personally stick with the IATA codes, as the general public is more familiar with them.

IATA is easier and more understandable. The game will be most likely attracting regular people who have no idea what ICAO is.

IATA. Much more widely used, understood and accessible. ICAO has no relevance to most people and the codes are often far less intuitive. For example, here are some of Scotland’s airports with both codes (IATA then ICAO) which I hope shows how different and ICAO can be.

Glasgow - GLA or EGPF
Edinburgh - EDI or EGPH
Aberdeen - ABZ or EGPD
Inverness - INV or EGPE
Islay (made famous by Airport CEO) - ILY or EGPI

If we use ICAO, there’s the real risk that people spend their life looking up obscure codes - (who can honestly say they know where DBBB is - without looking it up?). And it will put people off.


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