I need help about turn around progres

Hi everyone
I have a problem my service round in progress won’t finish can you help me I keep delaying flights

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It didn’t let me put a second image


Your staff room is not in a secure zone or there is no way (security check) that the ramp agents can get to the secured service car stop.


Ok and thanks for replying that’s very fast


And also there another problem

Can you help me fix it

And what does this mean

The service car thing sry Im asking this much I’m still new to the game

You can press F12 to make a screenshot ingame, that will give a better quality. :slight_smile: You will then find it in the Steam library.

Regarding Remote gates, this should be checked:

  • The gate has to be assigned with the service car stop (one service car stop can handle multiple gates)
  • The service car stop is within the secure area, there is no leak of security zoneing between the service car stop and the building.
  • Ramp agents need a way to enter the secure area and also to leave the secure area once they are finished (security check and security exit)
  • The staff room can either be outside the secure area or inside (for ramp agents, inside makes more sence to be quicker at their job)

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