I have an idea, but i need help

so, i have this idea for the 3rd anniversary of ACEO. a HUGE mod pack to celebrate ACEO, the devs and the community,(and a gift to the devs for all their hard work) thing is i have 0 modding experience for this sort of thing. so i need help. i’m going to learn how to mod but even if it’s only me working on it, i would like to get this done. this will be a pure volunteer effort, the only “payment” will be the credits and whatever you put on airlines (put your logo on there, i encourage it). if you have any questions, start them with “Q:” i will answer as many as i can, if you would like to help, type “I’m in” and we’ll talk

I’m in but I only have a bit of experience with designing but lots of experience modding

that’s ok.

Q: What exactly do you want in that pack?

It’s all the stuff you can mod I think

Ah ok


A: as many things as posible

Hey @Guusje2 @Rubble @Puma what do you think about it? :wink:

so over on the discord, the modding community has taken up the challenge…
so if you’re already a part of it, ideas are under the “suggestions” category, so that’s there…

I don’t have a link for the modding group

already asked the guy who gave me one to post it on the MAP

Can’t you copy the link and put it on?



The invite link

… i don’t think i have access to that

sorry, here it is