I guess a mod or paint scheme not sure what you call it

I don’t know if this is the right place or not but can someone make a mod of the airplane or Airline Pacifica on here I have a picture of it and I can put it on here if that would be easier

On discord it was not clear that your wish is a fsx-to-aceo converting… Anyway as wrote there we like to have some more infos:

I guess it is a fictional airline, so in that case we can add it to our todo wish list when we get provided with logos, fleet, description, iata code, ceo name, country of orgin

How hard can this really be what else do you need I’m not understanding the deal on how hard can it just be to paint a irline or something

If you can’t do it forget it

It isn’t that it is hard. This community does this on their own time, and they have a life outside of this that is more important. Also, the modding itself isn’t as simple as you may think. It is extremely complex making it look right. A third point to mention is they have a lot of requests that they need to go through. They also prioritize IRL airlines as those are more likely to be used, so fleet and livery updates are more common for the IRL airlines.

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Finally a picture. Just to let you know. On a nice livery like that we can spend 2 or many more hours … per each aircraft. Our free time, we don’t get payed for it.
So modders usually decide by themself if they want to do a mod or not.

As dawed mentioned, we put every request on a list so that it does not get forgotten. But we need information about the airline. Currently we have only a name and one picture.


We kindly ask you to provide us informations that the MOD needs, it is not just only PAINTING and you response rude…

This isn’t “hard” per say, but it does take time and attention to detail. Luckily there are well documented instructions here, as well as an official mod development kit. Using those resources and a free program called gimp, you’re encouraged to take the time learn how make your idea real: you have all the tools. If you have a interest in being able to do this and put in your effort to learn, the community is extremely helpful in helping out along the way, including troubleshooting help and additional unofficial templates and guides. If you continue to act frustrated by the community not just immediately doing many hours of work for you, this will likely be the last response you receive in which someone makes an effort to help you get pacifica in game.

Going through this process will take real time and effort. This is very true the first time you do it and is still true the 100th. Going through the process is absolutely the best way to really answer the question you asked us: how hard can it be? Try it: then you’ll know exactly how hard. You have everything you need. My time, any modder’s time, is just as valuable as yours is. Your time is not wasted learning whatever skills are new to you. When you make a mistake and redo hours of work that is not time wasted, that is time spend learning how to use the tools to do the task you want done. It doesn’t sound like anyone here will have the time available to implement pacifica any faster than you can yourself: I genuinely encourage you to do just that. It isn’t hard. It is effortful.

Unnecessary Context

I’m mostly known here for ACEO tweaks, a code based mod that doesn’t involve any painting. It does involve a lot hours.

I’ve spent easily 50 hours over the past many years painting and implementing livery mods that I’ve never come close to releasing to the world because I’m never satisfied with how they look. I have spent 50 hours painting planes and writing configs and everything I have to show for it is kinda ugly. This does not upset me. I have a way better understanding of the more talented/dedicated livery authors and I have improved a lot: I’m just picky. Now I’ve found a different way that I can spend my time improving this game I like in the form of the tweaks mod, so that’s where I put my hours.


Great words thank you…
I also started bad and over time with experience it leads to what i do know… But learning never stops, like everywhere each day is there for learning something new…

This was my first mod back in 2017 and look how it looks atm (and i will improve it soon again with better template for CRJ i did…