I dont see the luggage!

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that my luggage works, but I can’t see the luggage on the belt,
only sometimes when I build an airport, but I don’t know what to do that they are not visible on the tape…
when I click on the tape when I know the luggage is running on the tape, for the info you normally get…
If I zoom all the way in, I can just make out that the luggage is on the tape. I zoom it disappears…
graphics setting:
ui scaling. 75%
compress image… no

I use tweak…

What graphics card do you have?

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That sounds like it for sure! That is, a lack of dedicated VRAM causing you to run out of texture memory making baggage invisible.

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and what to do…
but the new airport i build now, its work, i dont know why and what is wrong

What numbers of flights, passengers and bags does the other savegame have?

its now teknik…
what can i use that to ?

if yu want a save name for the game i can tell you that

I don’t fully understand what exactly this means, could you clarify a bit?

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