I don't know what to do anymore (RESOLVED)

My whole airport crashed

because of some planes that are stuck… i don’t want to start a new game… Help maybe?

  • tried reloading

define “crash”. Does your game not responding and it says “Airportceo.exe has stopped working”? Or your airplanes are just stuck there?

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If your planes are stuck, then probably something messed up the pathfinding. Try opening debug panel with F10, clear all taxi nodes, save and reload. Works 9/10.


It looks like your runway holding points are not correctly placed. Perhaps try reloading the game, pausing it and correcting the hold points.

They must be the right way round. i.e. the writing must be the correct way up from the view point of the pilot approaching the runway. The pilot must see “RWY AHEAD” and will stop short of this. On your taxiways the writing appears upside down, so the aircraft will be trying to turn round to wait behind then.

To change the direction of the hold point, just right click on the hold point a couple of times and it will rotate.

Also, I think the hold points should be on taxi ways the enter the runway. On the lower two runways in your image, it appears the hold points are not on parts of the taxiway that only enter the runway, but onto ongoing areas of taxiway.

Hope it helps solve your problem.


Airplanes stuck

Have you tried all of the above mentioned suggestions? If yes and stuff is still frozen, then please upload a screenshot, in daytime, of your entire airport.

Still things are frozen i think I have to wait till the next update comes ;C

I might have a solution, haven’t tried this and have no idea if this will work but it’s worth a try.
First backup your savefile please, really do it :slight_smile:
Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves
Pick the folder with the name of your save.
To backup just copy the folder to somewhere else.
Open the folder, search for AircraftData.json , right click to open it with something like notepad or notepad++
There should be one line of text, will be quite long. Delete that line, there should be no text left in the file.
Then copy paste this inside: {“array”:}
Including all brackets, it should look like this:

Then save the file and try open ACEO and your save

Thank you for this solution unfortunately this didn’t work afther a time it was stuck again, but now i know the cause: When planes go for the other runway on the left and they need to go to terminal right they don’t use the taxiways but they need to go to the runwawy ahead sign on the top-right corner of screenshot before they go to the stands which causes the problems. But with the next update i thought this was going to be fixed :grinning:

Oh yeah offcourse, this was just to remove the planes. I believe your taxiway setup is a bit weird and the planes don’t get it. Have you tried the new runway exits? They are much better

I’m not on experimental :smiley:

You really do need to look at your taxi ways. They are still the same config from before. Try the arrangement you asked me to suggest. I might be misreading though. Its late and I’m tired.

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Ok, fair enough. I would recommend it if you don’t mind some bugs, but if you rather have a clean experience it’s better to stay on the default. Just a tip for the runway holding points: it’s not a good idea to place them in the middle of the taxiway, it’s better if you only place them next to the runway.

Can you maybe send a new picture in day i couldn’t see it last time :grinning: and still i don’t know had to correct it because i thought i had it good but now i come to the conclusion i don’t :sweat_smile:

Okay, i will test it tommorow :grinning:
i’m sorry if i ask but how do i get on experimental?

Go to your steam library, righ click on ACEO > properties > beta’s > from the dropdown select experimental.
Once you load a save on the experimental you can’t go back to deafult so backups might be usefull

NP, Fredrik has said that end on runway connections are a bad idea. Try it with the crossing instead. Don’t forget the hold points.

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So the taxiways don’t need to connect to the runway from the front?

okay thx :grinning:

Thats actually impossible I’ve discovered on the EXP branch with the new modular system.

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