I don't have a single emergency! With emergency R&D unlocked!

Hi guys

I can’t get a single emergency in my game save. My Emergency R&D is completed and I have my emergency response units built, also I purchased ambulances and fire trucks, hangers are built too.

I’m wondering if it is because I only have small stands, but this is day 12 and I didn’t have a single emergency!

Please help me with this problem, thank you.

I’m currently turning on the experimental mode in Steam even though nothing is on experimental, is that the cause?

Ok, now I’m off experimental and I waited for 5 in game days and, still not a single emergency


What game mode are you on? As in easy, medium, hard, or extreme?

I am on experimental and easy mode and don’t seem to get any also with all sizes of stands and bird strike prevention built. I think tuning is needed in beta for sure. I understand that easy should not have as many as the other modes but should have at least one lol

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Seems you know your game, so no longer have to play on “easy”, do you? :wink:

Accept a harder challenge :smiley:

Ya I should plop it up a notch but keep trying out different things and design ideas lmao

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As we wrote in the Steam announcement message you need to ensure what difficulty setting you have set for the game, the easy mode will generate very, very few emergencies. Find your GameSetting.json file and change the difficult variable from 0 to 3 if you want to experience a higher load of emergencies.

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Thanks, but I can’t find the difficult variable…Searched it in GameSetting.json

it’s playerDifficultySetting
0 = Easy
1 = Medium
2 = Hard
3 = Very Hard


There is no way to set a stand as emergency only at this point correct?

I get it, thanks

Correct and AFAIK for now that’s not planned either to become an option in the game. What you could do is to keep (one) stand(s) out of the auto scheduler or not schedule any flights yourself.


Correct, the implementation of an “emergency stand” would be exactly that, just that we’d disable the auto-scheduler for it and label it as “emergency only” or something. Might do something about this during beta if enough people complain but right now other issues have priority! :slight_smile:


Let me add a visual example.

Ok Ty … Will remove one stand from auto schedule …

I know large stands can accept medium planes but can they accept small? I was thinking a remote large that could accept all planes, ladder trucks ( 1 small and one large), shuttle busses and cars. Kind of build a “emergency section” of the airport with the remote stand(s) and hangers

Nope, large stands and medium stands can’t accept small planes.

Also from what I’ve seen, the size of the plane for emergency seems to depend only on the stands you have. Which kinda sucks when you have a mix of medium and small stands, since it means needing two separate stands, as opposed to when you run large and medium stands which means you just need to plop 1 large stand which can takes both.

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