I dare you

I know that one of the main ideas of the game is to have all your ops. in time and green, but what about this kind of gameplay:

1.- In sandbox mode and without construction simulation active build an airport. The size you like, the topology and design you like.
2.- Check how much you’ve spent in the construction.
3.- Put the airport in operation with personell and airlines and try to get back to $0 in debt as fast as possible.

This is kinda a reverse-mode style of playing and mostly focus on the very design and layout of the airport.
I’m actually an architect and i like this kind of things hahaha.

Let’s see how long it takes to get to $0 with a fully built airport.

For example, in this airport i’ve been stuck in 25 something million red.

Good luck!

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Done :stuck_out_tongue:


It took 3.5 hours and around 30 millions dollars. Unfortunalety due to lag, the airport is unplayable.

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My approach was different, I took a savegame, gave myself 200mil, then build all the things, then worked my way back into the 200mil. An aiport costs around 30 mil like EG said. So, I had it back in no-time :smiley:


The game logic is - put all fees to maximum and just wait. They seem to affect nothing but a satisfaction, so you can easily earn the money back! :slight_smile:

Oh, you are mean person :smiley:


Naaah. I will be the first person to try the restricted market, believe me. In fact - I love building airports from the scratch on the difficult level. This is what I really like.


You want me to try?

Yeah, difficult level just has a small problem; your only limit is money.

Last time I tried, old map size; I build 2 medium stands with a 10*10 terminal and basic airport, and succeeded in building it out.

Just use loans, and restructure into bigger loans. The problem is though; when your yearly turnover gets higher as your level III loan, the loan-sum does not increase. So, the created leverage in turnover is very limited in liquidity acquired from loans.

Edit; @Olof should code a timer option, then we could set up a competition; 2 hour hard mode. Who gets the most cash or PAX or whatever in those 2 hours gameplay.

Naah, I never use loans.

I always start with grass strip and grass stands just for GA. The only employee I hire is the CFO to increase the rates. After some in-game time I can build my first small terminal (and this is why I really hate the huge boarding desks - they are just too big for my small, garage-size, terminal).

And then it goes as always. :smiley: Try, it’s really fun. :wink:


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If you build your GA capacity up to 30 stands, you can make about 160K a day with refueling enabled.


Aaand, unlike commercial flights (until you enable night flights), you earn around the clock! :slight_smile:

Challenge accepted, 33 GA stands in the works. My game complained it was out of money for some reason.

Is there like a ‘likely usage’ number or something? it does not seem that they are all used.

Lol, I just took 490k in Kerosine deliveries.

if you make sure the flights don’t have to taxi too long, your ga rating will improve i can get up to 25 flights, having 5 extra stands makes up for takeoff-landing time. Of course you will never see a visual increase of the rating, but you’ll notice a better rating when the flight start coming in.

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Satisfaction had a dip. Will see it turn green in time I take it. The rent on the 1.6 mil I took for the extension has been compensated a lot all the time the loan is active. So, it seems the GA stands are performing very well. Used the monitoring time to “fix” my employment issues, replaced most staffers by decent ones on all area’s.

Restructured already; (20 min in)

And debt free; lets start the extensions :smiley: (26 min in)

Ok, my last airport was a taxiway nightmare, optimized a new field to get 30 GA going;

Left is “leave only”, right is “arrive only”

Seems I dont make a profit on the installment.

Lol, I never knew bigger star fuel contracts had cheaper fuel :slight_smile: - then its different.