I Can't Hire Executives [RESOLVED!]

Hello, I have played Airport CEO for over 70 hours and decided to restart my airport entirely but for some reason, I can not hire any Executives. I have my CEO, CFO, and COO (CFO and COO are the only ones that are coming up in the applications).

I saw a forum where someone said you needed to research the “Commercial License” and I have it in my R&D and I have 3 admins assigned to it but it says “No admins are at the airport”

Then when I click on “No admins are at the airport” it comes up with the screen saying I need an HR Director but I can’t get one because I can’t hire any Executives from the Applicant area.

Can anyone help me?

I don’t know if they change how things work not but I don’t know.

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You should be able to hire Administrators without hiring a HR Director beforehand.

Can the Administrators get to the airport - you need at least a bus stop, taxi stand and car drop-off connected to a terminal building in which there is a staff room for the Admins to work in.


Yeah, I was sitting here thinking what I could have done wrong and noticed I didn’t have a single bus stop. I now do so all is good now.

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