Huddersfield International Airport (HUD) (EGHD)

This is Huddersfield International Airport! Using realistic turnaround times (10 stands, average 30 minute turnaround), I have calculated it is the sixth busiest airport in the UK handling 124,000 aircraft per year. It has two check in areas, the original, Hall A to the left and the new, Hall B to the right (built to cover the new stands off the pier). A brand new baggage reclaim area has recently been constructed and the old one currently stands empty.
These pictures show how it has grown over the years-

What do you think?!


Nice :slight_smile:

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Presenting HUDDERSFIELD Int. ( another one ):
Yep, this is what i made:

Huddersfield, the centre of the aviation world!


According to my calculations, 285,000 aircraft use our two airports every year- that’s more than Gatwick!

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What frame rates do you get?

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23/24fps at full capacity! (I have a very good computer!)


285.000 at gatwick every year? I thought they had like 30-40 millions a year?

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Sorry meant aircraft movements!

Pretty sure Hudds is to hilly for an airport :slight_smile: . Thall av t put it up on top`t moors :slight_smile: .
Seriously though looks ace (and weirdly a bit like LBA. :slight_smile: .
Build thee next un dahn ere in donny. Tis plenty flat fo thee.

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Ay, but by gum we’ll av an airport up ther sumday.:wink:


What a gud o’l Yorkshire accent. Turn the leight on.


Nooo not big leet! Jus put likkle lamp on.:slight_smile:
Me mam ates that big leet.:slight_smile:

Turn the watter on too, what’s your favourite arse cream… mines a Magnum…

Oh, by the way, Wagner is better than Klopp and apparently José Mourinho. 2-1 to the terriers!!! Go on Town!
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