Hub airport/ lounge

A airline could ask to “own” a certain amount of gates. You could choose which would be theirs. These gates would be rented to them for a fee and they would still pay runway and passenger possessing fees. They would be the only airline allowed at the gate and they would schedule their own flights. They also could rent out a room to build a lounge. They would pay for the room and set up the room and pay for the workers. For an example a airline would rent a whole terminal and also would rent a first class lounge. Only that airline would operate there and they would pay a daily fee for the rental.


great idea - I like the idea of being able to tell the auto-scheduler which airlines to park at which gates. And definitely like to see first class/business class lounges and priority boarding.

The hub idea/scheduling revamp has been suggested so often I’m a little surprised I’ve never seen the devs openly address it.

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this is what I sudgested earlier would love to see this

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