How to tell if I have enough staff? [solved]

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Its been a LONG time since I’ve played Airport CEO. Just updated my files and now I’m building a new airport. In this new version, how do I tell how many of each staff I need vs. how many I have? All I can find is a graph and it doesn’t seem to give me this information? I feel like their used to be some sort of list of tasks or a graphic that showed how many I needed vs. how many I had (ramp, passenger service, etc).


In the bottom towards the middle it should show a person, that’s where it should be kept. Other then that there’s no count I don’t believe.

When you hover over the staff count listed at the bottom of the screen it opens a panel that shows counts for hired, jobs claimed, and jobs available.
Also if you have multiple terminals defined then a light grey/gray navigator appears along the bottom to allow you to navigate among terminals to pinpoint the staff situation for each terminal.
Staff Shortage
Staff Shortage Terminall 2

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Thank you so much, this is exactly what I remembered/was looking for. If its possible, I think its been about two years since I last played Airport CEO. So much to (re)learn!

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