How to reactivate achievements


I ran into an issue with staff pathing and had to use the dev panel to reset person nodes(which didn’t even help) which invalidated my save to achievements. Is there anything in the json files to reactivate achievements? I feel like it’s unfair for me to forfeit achievements due to a game breaking bug

Do you have an auto save from before the issue happened?

Yes and I didn’t save the game after the reset but I only checked the latter and achievements was already turned off(without saving)

If achievements have been invalidated they cannot be reactivated, that’s hard locked by design and also why there’s a prompt needing your confirmation.

Understandable, but I still feel that it’s unfair since it was caused 100% by a gameplay bug instead of my errors. This is the save where the security personnel were all stuck at the security station after their shifts btw

Yeah I understand but we do have do draw the line somewhere unfortunately. Do you have a bug report number on that save?

No unfortunately but I understand the devs rationale. Nonetheless still have to give props to yourself and the dev team tor all the work. I’ll tinker around with the autosaves and backups and see if I can duplicate one from not too long ago with achievements enabled


I’ll be happy to take a look at it if you can reproduce it! :slight_smile:

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TLDR; I tried to reload a save where I could still get achievements and got mixed results

Hello again my dear Devs and CEOs, buckle up bc I tried

in about 30 different permutations. It’s gonna get very confusing so bear with me. A will represent the first save AFTER invalidating achievements and C will represent the last save BEFORE I invalidated achievements. B is a copy of A and D is a copy of C. So to recap, A and B are AFTER invalidating achievements, and C and D are BEFORE invalidating achievements.

Valid represents achievements are still accessible in the save, and invalid means achievements have been forfeited

  1. C → A → D
    Result: valid for C, then invalid for D

  2. A → C → D
    Result: invalid for all 3

  3. B → D
    Result: invalid for both

  4. C → A → D (same as (1))
    Result: invalid for all 3

It appears that loading the original invalidated save “updates” the files that I shouldn’t be able to get the achievements, so I then undid the copies in the roaming folder and re-copied it (basically resetting the test sample from before trying)

  1. A → C
    Result: valid for both(somehow)

  2. C → A
    Result: valid, then invalid

  3. Loading any save file after quitting to menu from (2)
    Result: invalid for both

It seems that it really supports the “update” the game files idea, so I just undid and copied pasted the files, same as after the first set. In the next set I just loaded up a bunch of different permutation sets each starting from A, B, C or D(which was a pain bc the game kept crashing due to the huge save) and all of them ran valid. I then closed the game and reopened it, without modifying any of the game files again since the last reload after the invalid path, and loaded up A, the true original save AFTER invalidating achievements. Somehow my achievements are still valid, so now it seems to me that it’s randomised. Basically lucky me bc I got my “achievements valid: true” save file back and now I want to sleep from all the testing.

Whereas for Olof

In addition to uploading a duplicate bug report(ACEO-43036) I’ll upload the screenshot here so everyone can have a look at it.

Every station looks staffed but most of those officers aren’t “connected” to the security station. I remember something similar happened with the Tier III baggage scanner back in the alpha days where a security standing there wasn’t technically manning it, resulting in many dangerous baggage loaded. Never found a solution to that though

To me it does not look like those stations are fully staffed, and judging by the icon in the UI it seems that you have a staff shortage issue. Have you tried hiring more security guards to see if the issue resolves itself?

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The staff shortage is due to a janitor shortage, my security officers are hired on a 1.5-2x requirement basis. I also have 15-20 officers just chilling in staff rooms, and most of the officers at the stations aren’t actually manning the stations, just standing there idling

Can you open the development panel (F10) and post a screenshot of the pathfinding stats while the airport is in operation?

I resolved it through repeated reloading, no problems now

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Just to throw in another Monkey Wrench on this topic. I constantly have this problem where the security station stops working because it is missing one or two security guards, but there are about 50 sitting in a staff room about 20 feet away. Specifically with security this happens to me a lot - and it happens in baggage security as well. The red indicator say that it needs more staff to operate, but I have never figured out how to get them there.

It happens MORE frequently when there a tons of people in the queue to the station, when the airport is empty- it rarely happens.

I know when I run the game at triple speed, my machine cannot handle it ans some events and bugs start happening that go away as soon as I return back to 1x speed.

Shift changes kill security stations
Dangerous baggage incidents (2 or 3 at a time)
Auto planner plans overlapping flights, creating massive delays
Boarding does not trigger on time,
Passengers do not arrive for flights

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