How to quickly have medium aircraft and skip small aircraft at your airport!

How to quickly have medium aircraft at your airport!

Step 1: load up an airport on easy mode (2,000,000 starter cash)
Step 2: hit F10 and turn off simulate construction

Step 3: expand the map by purchasing the top left land box
Step 4: place a runway, expand it to 800 meters, and set it to asphalt

Step 5: place the runway entrance/exits and connect them with taxiway

Step 6: map out space to later add a deicing pad for the aircraft

Step 7: place out 4 gates in a row after the space from Step 6

Step 8: create the bottom floor (the space is 11x8)

Step 9: build the second floor (the long strip if from the start of the first gate all the way to 1 block after the Jetway of the last gate so its 4x33)

Step 10: place the boarding desks and open the gates

Step 11: hire staff (security, passenger service, executives)

Step 12: prepare a service vehicle area and get 4 pushback trucks (optional: assign them to a gate)

Step 13: get small control tower, open the runway, gates, and airport (if not already done)

Step 14: Get some airline contracts and set the auto planer to on, the airport can take it.

And you are done! congrats you have created an airport completely skipping small aircraft!
I recommend that after its built you save for night flights first to make more money because at night you lose lots of money!

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So basically all you have to do is building a regular airport with medium stands and minimal requirements :slight_smile:

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Lol exactly