How to install mods without Steam

Hi yall!
Due to some restrictions on my end, I can’t use Steam for mods and have to download them manually. Once I do, where do I extract them to in the files?

How did you get the game? The native import file should still be there in the same folder as the saves.

See here for possible help.

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Recently I have integrated mod download funcrion with SteamCMD to RimPy Mod manager. It may autosetup it and download/update mods with a GUI.

The exact location where you’ll need to place the mod files can vary depending on the game and the specific mod. However, in general, you’ll want to look for a “Mods” or “Custom Content” folder within your game’s files. Once you’ve located this folder, you can create a new folder within it and name it after the mod. Then, simply extract the mod files into this folder.