How to effectively upgrade to jetways?


Imagine you have a simple single-story airport with some functional medium gates. Imagine you are running out of space, and upgrade with a second floor, and want to upgrade your medium stands with jetways - now you want your boarding desks to be on the upper floor. You create your new desks upstairs, connect them to the stand, they start handling pax.

But then you want to remove your old boarding desks on the ground floor (that pax are still using, weirdly changing floors to board after finishing at the boarding desk…), but you cannot, as it says “Locked stand connection”, because there are flights scheduled - which is OK, as the gate should remain functional.

Now, I don’t see any other option than to re-schedule flights to another gate (if available), or wait for the current deals to expire, leaving huge gaps in usage, delete the boarding desks on the ground floor, then re-schedule flights.

I find this approach extremely tedious and inefficient (both money and time wise). Is there an easier way to upgrade to jetways?



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Yes, this has been discussed very much and I totally agree it’s frustrating and wish there could be a better solution. Hopefully A35 will have one for us.

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Yeah one of the big pain points in gate handling. It must be possible to remove additional desks at any time. Only the last one should get this message.


Yeah agree

I agree. Only the last remaining desk should get this message. We should be able to demolish all other desks at any time. as it is now, I close the stand, then demolish the old desk and then reopen stand. I lose points with airlines as they had to cancel their flights allocated to the stand, and Ihave to reassign all my vehicles back to the stand too.


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