How to edit more builder in saving?

How to increase the number of workers by editing saving?

Even when i have 163 contractors but it is not enought to use

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Maybe you’re better off disabling construction simulation in the debug panel (f10)


That’s what I do

is that an expanded world i spy?
unless you’re doing something small, F10 and disable both construction and item simulation
you’ll have a bit of lag but everything will be built

As I don’t like using F10, I would really like to know if this is possible, too!

Find “maxContractors” in GameData.json. Currently there should be only one variable called this way in the GameData when you have a signed contract with some construction company.

Please remember that any change in any of the game files will drop the support as it potentially can break things in game that can cause unforeseen bugs. That way it’s nearly impossible for the devs to try and find bugs. Maybe the F10 menu and options are not directly they way you want to work, but these are options you can use without losing direct support.

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