How to create a template?

So I’m trying to create an object template and save it.
I hold down the left ctrl-key and select the objects for the template.

Then I click left and get a ghost of the selected elements.

According to the help text, I should now click right, to save a template. But right-click simply aborts the hole thing… well most of the times… once I managed to save one, but I can’t reproduce that.

(BTW do you see the orientation of the conveyor belt elements? They were all correctly layed out when I built the belt, but this stupid orientation correction of the belts fucked it up afterwards. Why don’t you just scrap this functionality and let me, the real CEO of the airport, dictate the orientation of a conveyor belt without altering it later?)

The template/save function seems to work for me:

  1. Click the template button in the toolbar.

  2. While holding left ctrl, select the items you wish to copy.

  • Once you get the “ghosted” selected items, you can release the left ctrl key.
  • Even though conveyer belts will always point [->] in the ghosted preview, the correct orientation is still copied
  1. Paste any items you wish
    -If any conveyor belts paste incorrectly, try pasting again, and the belts should correct themselves. You can just delete the “extra” paste later.

  2. To release the template tool, right click once. You should then get the “Create new template” dialogue.

Hope that helps. Let me know if that sequence still doesn’t work.

In my case it’s

  1. To release the template tool, right click once. The “ghost” disappears.

I filed bug report ACEO-20332

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