How to correct problem with stuck vehicles?

Stuck vehicles are a known issue so I won’t report every service truck or pushback vehicle stuck at my medium gates (yes, that’s the only point where they get stuck right now, apart from a single service truck in a baggage bay).

However, the stuck vehicles wreak havoc through my airport, because they are still allocated new tasks and the planes that wait for them are subsequently stuck at the gates.

It seems I can’t remove the stuck vehicles through the F10 menu, and also saving and loading doesn’t help. Is there any other way to remove them? I have also tried to remove them through the vehicle list, and they are no longer on the vehicle list, but they are still sitting on the tarmac. Are vehicles no longer assigned new tasks once they are off the vehicle list? How many stuck vehicles make my savegame bugreport-worthy?

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Can you sell them? (Name the Vehicle, find it in list, (if need be; F10, claim vehicles), sell it, save/load, does it leave?)

Mixed results: One of the four trucks seen stuck in the picture has disappeared through selling + save + load, two have disappeared during the next 24 hours (timeout?), and one is still there after at least two ingame days.

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What if you have a stuck bus stopping all other vehicles from entering your airport?

Then I would F10 “reset road nodes”. Press it 10 times if need be and maybe combine the 10 pushes with a save/load in between, after, etc… most stuck vehicles will get loose after a combination of both.

Keep trying :stuck_out_tongue: with F10, reset vehicle nodes and see if it moves after a save / load, or just after.

still I have got same problem

Vehicles get stuck everywhere:

F10 - unoccupy road nodes and load / save a few times.

It works mostly.

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