How to connect jet bridge to second floor?

How do I add the jet bridge to the second floor I kept trying other ways to do it but I can’t. Can anybody help me?

Click on the stand and click on the “Stand Upgrades” button.

From the listing of upgrades, select “Build jetway”.
Stand Upgrade Build Jetway

That’s what I did and it built the jetway but not to the 2nd floor it went to the 1st floor

Ok, so the levels in ACEO are different than you are expecting.
Level 0 is ground floor while level 1 is technically the second floor of the airport.
Jetways always are connected to Level 1.

Could you send me a screenshots of your level 2 jetways?

First screenshot is a ramp missing a Jetway.

Second is the level 0 view of a ramp with a Jetway.

Last is the level 1 view of a ramp with a Jetway

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So your jetway is also level 1 not 2 so you have the same problem do you?

No as I have explained jetways are always built on level 1 and not on level 2
There is NO option to change this game behavior.
Again level 0 = floor 1 (or ground) and level 1 = floor 2

Oh ok

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