How to close the Notifications Tutorial panel

Can someone please advise me how to close the Notifications Tutorial Panel
Once the Checklist is clicked
For some reason it blocks the left hand view

What is your UI scaling set to?

What is the default?

I have now tested the slider, no change

Does this happen every time you launch a new airport?

Yes tried several times now

Monitor is 1920 x 1080 : 75 Hz

@Alexander is looking into it! :slight_smile:

I have now completed several tasks and I can now close the panel

It would appear when there are lots of tasks they do not fit within the panel, so it scrolls up
As a result the top menu disappears off the top of the screen and cannot be seen or used
I hope this helps

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Looking at it today, and you’re actually not supposed to see the entire checklist for the introductory steps before the “actual” tutorial. Somehow that has happened in your game and I will investigate how :airplane:


The bug should now be fixed with the upcoming patch. The only way I got your weird tutorial panel was to save after the introduction was started but before it was completed. Was that how it happened in your game too?

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