How to change stands from remote back to attached?

I have a large aircraft stand that I used to have a jetway attached to. It is on floor “1” (the second story) of this terminal. I performed the jetway upgrade, but then told it to accept medium aircraft, and it turned into a remote stand somehow. I have turned the medium aircraft function off for this stand, but how do I get the jetbridge to reappear and make the stand attached again? It’s not showing as an option in the stand upgrades, and I can’t figure it out.

Can you show a screenshot? It seems like you pressed the wrong button.

I figured it out. I had to close the stand and cancel the flights, disconnect all the boarding desks and the shuttle stops/service car stops, and then it allowed me to put the jetbridge back and reconnect the boarding desks as an attached stand.

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I think remote is triggered by the shuttle bus stop link between boarding desk and stand. Once you break that like it reverts back :slight_smile:

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